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MAGnova nanocząstki magnetyczne

MAGnova nanocząstki magnetyczne MAGnova - Magnetic nanoparticles for Nucleic acids & protein separations

Cost effective separation techniques are crucial in biotechnology production or routine diagnostic procedures in molecular biology. Separation technology is one of the most important areas in molecular biology and biotechnology. Magnetic separation technique becoming increasingly important and commonly applied in modern molecular bio-techniques applications. Magnetic nanoparticles with ligands, e.g. antibodies or proteins, can separate target in very efficient and timeless way. The potential target are: nucleic acids like DNA or RNA, proteins, IgG and even bacterial and eukaryotic cells.The special advantages of magnetic separation techniques are the fast and simple handling of a sample vial and the opportunity to deal with large sample volumes without the need for time-consuming centrifugation steps. This also makes magnetic separation ideal for automatic systems which will play a very important role in near scientific future.


MAGnova magnetic particles 
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 MAGnova Amine Activated 
magnetic nano-particles - particles ready for protein immobilization - activated
MAGnova Amine
magnetic nano-particles - particles for activation and protein immobilization
 MAGnova Protein-A magnetic nano-particles - particles for Ab purification and immobilization
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MAGnova Protein-G
magnetic nano-particles - particles for Ab purification and immobilization?
?MAGnova Silica Based
magnetic nano-particles Si-OH - particles for nucleic acids purification
 MAGnova Microsatellite
Magnetic Particles

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MAGnova Streptavidin 
magnetic nano-particles

 MAGnova Ab
custom Ab immobilization service
scale 1-5mg

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